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Much loved and now missed....

Guestbook for Tribute to Braddah Smitty
Looks like you are very much enjoying what you are doing now, and thus the creativity is on its peak. This also in turn is giving you a series of good outputs. I hope that you would make use of this and create more and more unique works.
Sarah Anderson Photography
Mahalo, Zion for your kind words.
My heart is with you and your family, I am so glad to be able to help us all remember your wonderful father.
Zion Kuuhoapili Smith(non-registered)
To my wonderful and loving father, whom I miss very much. You will always be in my heart and soul. Every time I hear your music or smell you scent that you been wearing ever since I was a little keiki running to your arms to greet you when you came home. Those were my fondest years of you daddy. May you forever rest in love and peace in my heart and the many other's that you have touched, through you love of music and GOD. I LOVE YOU DADDY. To the great Photographer Sarah, Mahalo Nui Loa, for the beautiful pictures of my beloved father. Continued success to you. My love and appreciation to you for keeping my father alive in my heart..
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