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Tour for Latasha and Kevin who are planning their wedding
Entrance to Lava LavaStaff, far right is Jason, the manager and next in from the right is Nick, general managerInside, looking toward the cottagesThe beach chairs in front of Lava LavaLooking back from the shoreline towards Lava Lavathe section on the far right is where a private party thru Lava Lava would be seatedThe view from inside of the area that would be used for a private reception. Looking across the "beach area" toward the cottagesAnother view of the same areaThe two furthest cottages from the shore linethe two far cottages, with the beach area in front of them. This is the area that could be used for the reception/and or ceremony if one rented both cottagesthe area in front of the two far cottagesview from the shorelinewide angle view of the same areaview from the porch of the second to last cottagesInside the cottage! They are all the same inside